Vote Tracker Commands

Setup Vote Tracker for your Server:

/vote setup server [channel]

Enable/Disable Monthly Vote reset:

/vote setup monthlyreset enable/disable

Sent Vote Reminders in a specific Channel:

/vote setup remindchannel [channel]

Add VoteRewards on a specific Vote Count:

/vote rewards set [voteamount]

Remove VoteRewards on a specific Vote Count:

/vote rewards remove [voteamunt]

Enable/Disable Stack Rewards:

  • When Stack Rewards are enabled. Previous Role Rewards will be removed, when new one has been given.

/vote rewards stack [status]

Check the current Vote Leaderboard and your current vote count:

/vote stats lb

Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Vote Reminders:

/vote remind

Vote Card

View Vote Card:

/vote stats card

Change Background of Vote Card:

/vote card background [http-link]

Change Background Opacity Overlay of Vote Card:

/vote card opacity [0.1-1]

Add Channel with Auto Updateable Vote Card:

/vote card stats [channel]

Last Updated: 12/15/2021, 10:13:27 PM