Ticket Commands

Ticket Setup Command

Enable/Disable Ticket:

/ticket setup enable/disable

Add a Ticket Log, where Ticket Events will be sent:

/ticket setup log [channel]

Add a Archive Category, where archived tickets will be shifted:

/ticket setup archivecategory [category]

Set the maximal amount of tickets per user:

/ticket setup maxtickets [number]

Manage Ticket Panel Command

Create a Ticket Panel:

/ticket panel create [panelname]

Edit a Ticket Panel:

/ticket panel edit [panelname]

Delete a Ticket panel:

/ticket panel delete [panelname]

Check all Panels:

/ticket panel all

Create a Master Panel:

/ticket panel master [channel]

Close/Archive a Ticket:

/ticket close

Last Updated: 10/31/2021, 1:43:37 PM