Suggestion Commands

Add a Suggestion Channel:

  • Adds the mentioned Channel as Suggestion Channel, where the suggestions, which is sent by the command will be sent.

/suggest channel [channel]

Send a Suggestion to the Suggestion Channel:

  • Sends the Suggestion with the given Message in the Suggestion Channel

/suggest send <message>

Reply to a Suggestion:

  • Adds a Reply to the Suggestion Embed, which can be sent from the Suggestion Creator or a Server Manager.

/suggest reply [msgid] [response]

Deny a Suggestion:

  • Denys a Suggestion with the given Reason.

/suggest deny [msgid] [reason]

Approve a Suggestion:

  • Approves a Suggestion with the given Reason.

/suggest approve [msgid] [reason]


Last Updated: 9/6/2021, 5:12:37 PM