Remindme & Remind Command

Onetime Reminders are normal Reminders, which reminds you onetime after a certain period of time, which will be choosen by you.


When you want to create a personal Reminder use the comamnd %remindme


Reminders with the same name will be overwritten.

Create a Reminder:

  • This creates a Reminder on the given Time and guides you through a setup, where you can customize the Reminder on certain aspects

/remind create [remindername] [ping] [channel] [remindmessage] [usetimezone]

  • Example: %remindme in 10 minute for drinking water

Delete a Reminder:

  • This will delete the Reminder with the ReminderName
  • Get a list of Interval Reminders with %interval all for finding out the names.

/remind delete [remindername]

Check all Reminders:

  • Will give you a Select Menu with which you can manage the Reminders and even delete them

/remind all

Last Updated: 9/8/2021, 4:40:37 PM