Setup QOTD

The Command %qsetup or /qotd setup gives you a good overview.

Add a QOTD Channel:

= Adds a channel, where daily questions will be sent.

/qotd setup channel [channel]

Premium Add a QOTD Ping:

  • Adds the mentioned Roles as QOTD Ping, which will be pinged on the daily QOTD's

/qotd setup ping [role]

Schedule QOTD on a specific Time:

/qotd setup scheduleat [date]

  • Ex: /qotd setup scheduleat 20:15 10/09/2021 -> This will schedule the Question at 20:15 on the Date: 10/09/2021

Test your QOTD Setup:

  • This sends a test QOTD in the QOTD Channel

/qotd test

Last Updated: 9/6/2021, 5:02:16 PM